What is recruitment?

Recruitment is structured into a one to two week recruitment period when we, the brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon, will host events where interested applicants can come out to meet the brothers. This period of recruitment is also known as “rush”. Recruitment also gives us a chance to meet you and learn more about you. There is no obligation during recruitment and everything is free. Come out for recruitment and experience what the best Asian-American interest fraternity on campus is all about. Learn what brotherhood, pride, leadership, unity and family means to us. The only thing you have to do is sit back, relax and feel free to ask plenty of questions!

Why join Lambda Phi Epsilon?

Why Lambdas? Lambda Phi Epsilon is an organization that will challenge every aspect of your college life. You will learn how to become a leader in your school, your community and in the world you enter after college. Lambda life extends far beyond the reach of your school. With chapters across the country, including Canada, you will have a chance to network with brothers from all over, bringing with it many opportunities, both during your time as an active and when you become an alumni. The road to becoming a Lambda is not easy, but the rewards are well worth it. It takes a certain type of man to become a Lambda, someone who wants to become a leader among men. Perhaps that’s you.

Do I have to be Asian to join?

There are many brothers in chapters of Lambda Phi Epsilon all over the nation who are not Asian. Lambda Phi Epsilon stresses that it is an Asian-American INTEREST Fraternity, which means that anyone who is interested in our goals, both Asian and non-Asian, are encouraged to join. As Americans, we all share similar experiences and thoughts, and whether or not you understand or come from an asian culture does not matter, so long as you are interested to learn from and interact with people who have. If you feel that you have a strong understanding and love for asian awareness or want to, Lambda Phi Epsilon can definitely serve your purposes.

The difference between us and other fraternities

By joining, you will enter a brotherhood that is rich in tradition and strong in its bonds. The brotherhood that a fraternity offers forms friendships that last a lifetime. Unlike many of your college friends, the bonds that you form in the fraternity last much longer than the four years you may spend in college. Many people complain about the lack of longevity that their current friendships have. Many friends turn out to be “semester” friends, whom you rarely see after your association with them is over. Lambda Phi Epsilon offers brotherhood that will endure the passage of time. If you have ever had a best friend, you will know the closeness that you feel with that particular person. The fraternity offers the opportunity to feel that way with numerous people.

The complete experience

Lambda Phi Epsilon seeks to form well-rounded individuals. We realize that academic achievement is the first and foremost reason that you are at school. Therefore, as a pledge, you will be required to attend mandatory weekly library hours, as well as maintain a minimum GPA. However, we also realize that the education that one acquires at college is more than just academic. Therefore, we espouse the philosophy to study hard and party hard. Lambda Phi Epsilon throws parties each semester. In addition to our brotherhood events, we also have frequent mixers with many different sororities including alpha Kappa Delta Phi, a National Asian American Interest Sorority. Athletics is another integral part of the fraternity experience. The brothers often play scrimmage football games, pickup games of basketball, volleyball, paintball, and other sports.

Lambda Phi Epsilon is a nationally chartered fraternity. As such, you will have brothers and connections in states such as California, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. If you ever visit any of the 40+ and growing chapters Lambda Phi Epsilon has in North America, you will always have a place to stay and people to take you around. The UMass chapter has hosted Lambdas from the Binghamton University, Rutgers University, SUNY Stony Brook, Boston University, Northeastern University as well as numerous other chapters.

Lambda Phi Epsilon furthermore hosts an annual national convention where all the different chapters in the United States convene in one place for a weekend for both business and pleasure. This convention usually takes place in California, and is usually attended by over 20 different Asian sorority chapters, as well as thousands of brothers from all across the nation. This convention is a time to meet all the brothers from all over the country, as well as meet a bevy of California sorority girls!

Lambda Phi Epsilon also has many close ties with sororities such as alpha Kappa Delta Phi, Kappa Phi Lambda, and Sigma Psi Zeta. As a result, the Asian-Greek life has created a huge network of connections that a brother of Lambda Phi Epsilon has opportunities to take advantage.

Alumni Network

Lambda Phi Epsilon furthermore has a strong alumni network, both locally and on the nation al and international levels. Recently, the National Council of Lambda Phi Epsilon have compiled an alumni list with job descriptions and telephone numbers for actives to contact at their convenience. This list, as well as the many driven people you will meet, is a valuable networking tool. Currently many brothers of the UMass Amherst chapter have already benefited from connections of other UMass brothers and brothers from other chapters to get get jobs right out of college and valuable internships.